Fee Information

Monthly fees include an association fee based on the home type. Annual real estate taxes are also paid monthly to the Cooperative. The Cooperative pays those taxes to the town semi-annually. Real estate taxes are deductible on members’ personal income tax returns.

Glen Ridge Active Adult Community

Association Fees Include:

  • Community room and entertainment center
  • Cost for snow removal and maintenance of private roads
  • Deck and/or patio maintenance
  • Exterior building maintenance
  • Garage door openers
  • Glen Ridge adds annually to Capital Reserve from fees
  • Historically there has been no need for "special assessments"
  • Maintenance assistance 24/7
  • Restricted community 55+ (no noise, students, renters)
  • Shared grounds crew with Juniper Hill Village and Mansfield
    Center Nursing and Rehabilitation
  • Trash pick-up and trash shed maintenance
  • Water and sewer expenses
  • Water heaters
  • Part time administrator and admin. assistant on site