Membership & Hospitality Committee is charged with planning and overseeing a variety of social events for the Cooperative. Social events gives members the opportunity to meet and share social events with one other, providing a real sense of community. This committee is open to all members. Any member who wishes to be on this committee must sign up at the annual meeting. If a committee member wants to continue to be on this committee at the end of the year, they must sign up again at the annual meeting. The Committee meets usually on the 4th Monday of every month except December.

The current members are:

  • Dot Michaelis – Co-Chair
  • Jeanne Haas – Co-Chair
  • Caryl O’Keefe
  • Jane Jackman
  • Kathy McKee
  • Lorraine Foster
  • Joanne White
  • Mollie Kirouc
  • Alice Kolega
  • Cynthia Wickless – Ex officio

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