Member Clubs

Members are welcome and encouraged to start a club or group such as a book club, knitting, or craft group!

The local public library provides books that are changed periodically for members reading pleasure. In addition, located in the Kremer Room (community room) a "Little Lending Library" has been created from member donated books.

The community room is a great place to meet and socialize while sharing common interests.

Glen Ridge


During the summer and fall season, will be happening every Saturday morning (weather permitting) starting at 10:00 am, so come on down and join in the fun! If you don’t know how to play bocce, someone will happily teach you. If Saturday mornings aren’t convenient for you, remember that it is your court as a Glen Ridge member, and you can play bocce (or just sit on the benches and enjoy the lovely view of the pond) any time you wish!

Garden Volunteers

Members are welcome to volunteer their time and efforts to making the community bloom with plantings that continue to beautify season after season.

Glen Ridge Garden Volunteers


The Sing-Along at Glen Ridge is an informal group of residents who enjoy singing together.  We meet on the last Sunday on the patio outside the Kremer Room. Each month they choose a theme, genre of music, or specific songwriter(s) and/or performer(s).  Participants are encouraged to bring one or more songs with copies of lyrics to share.  We are NOT a group of polished singers or performers and ALL voices are welcome.

Coffee Socials

Coffee Socials are held weekly in the community room or during warmer weather can be set up outside under our covered patio.  Enjoy a good cup of hot coffee, tea or cold drink and enjoy some home-baked snacks along with it.


Saturday Night Social

BYOB social time in the Kremer Room or on the patio every Saturday night. Good conversation, good friends, and a chance to meet and greet all the new neighbors that have graced our community this past year.

Men's Night

Join a monthly get together for an evening of conversation, companionship, pizza and beer (BYOB).


Glen Ridge Social

Women's Group

Women’s Group meets monthly in the Community Room.  BYOB and pizza.  Lively conversation with neighbors.


Scrabble and card games weekly in the Kremer Room. All are welcome.

Glen Ridge Game Night


The membership at Glen Ridge is an active, diverse, and talented group of people. Here is a list of what some of the members use their time to volunteer for:

Help with mailings for Joshua’s Trust, Organize and work at the children’s section of the Mansfield book sales, Serve on town committees, Teach English to Asian students and their families, Tutor at the women’s prison in Niantic, Tutor in the Mansfield school system, Volunteer at the polls during elections, Volunteer at the senior center, Volunteer at the Tri-County Greenhouse, Volunteer at Windham Area Interfaith Ministry (WAIM), Volunteer at Windham Hospital, Work at the flu vaccine clinic, & Write letters to the editors.